Thursday, May 25, 2006


I'm in my 31st week of pregnancy (almost 32nd). The thought that there are less than 10 weeks left until I have to deliver this kid is freaking me out! It's really too bad there's not an easier way to have children.

Brandon and I visited the doctor this morning, who said that everything looks good. She also said that Anna is curled up with her head on the lower left side of my stomach, her back kind of up and around, and her bottom and legs on the right. I'm pretty sure that she's correct and Anna's feet are up around my rib cage on my right, because that's where I feel the most kicking. Every so often it feels like she's trying to stretch, which can be somewhat painful; I think her butt gets pushed up underneath my rib cage.

This week I read that she's about the length of a Madeline doll--you know, the red-haired little French girl who gets to go all kinds of fun places. She (Anna, not Madeline) weighs somewhere around 3 pounds. I won't mention what I weigh!

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