Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sweet Pea's Not So Sweet Peas

Today, Anna reached two great milestones. The first was going from laying down to sitting up all by herself. She was just waking up from her nap, saw me, and pushed right up into sitting. I did not get a picture of this. However, I was able to capture her next experience on film. Below is a very short video clip of Anna's first taste of vegetables--we started with organic peas. The first two bites are of rice cereal, which she enjoys. The third bite is when it gets fun. There is no sound on the video, but she didn't make any noise so it's still pretty accurate. The only sound missing is the sound of my laughter.


Anonymous said...

Well, I would say you were off to a good start. I think we should stick with more sweeter things like Ice Cream for our sweet Anna! That was cute!

Christie Breland said...

Ha ha... If she takes after her daddy, ice cream will be her favorite thing in the whole world.