Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Indianapolis = not so cold!

Well, after an airport fiasco and a missed flight on Saturday, we are finally back in Indy and the weather is GREAT! The temperature made it into the low 70's today and Anna and I wore t-shirts. What a difference from our last visit.

When we get back home to Florida, I will post pictures of our new house in Indy and some pics of Anna. She is advancing by leaps and bounds now. She pulls up on anything she can get her hands on, and this afternoon I caught her cruising (walking while holding on to something) along the couch! Everyone says she'll be walking in no time--and then what will I do?

At home (FL) we have a large comforter set up on the floor where she can play with her toys and crawl around in cushy comfort. Her new favorite game is taking a toy off the blanket and crawling over to the hardwood floor and then banging the toy on the floor. If she happens to be on the carpet, she will find the closest thing that will make noise--the tile floor in the bathroom, the closet door track, or even her crib. I think this may be a sign that she got her Grandpa and Uncle Mike's drummer genes.

I'm off to unpack more boxes--oh, the joys of moving!

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Jana Swartwood said...

Oy, moving. I don't envy you. But hey, the north isn't cold all the time! That's definitely something to be happy about. :)