Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Playing Catch-Up

In the next few posts, I'll be catching up on adding pictures of Anna from the last couple weeks since we moved. It's different here; it's definitely not Florida! BUT, I love being with my girl all day long. We've been going to the Book Club at Pottery Barn Kids (basically story time) and the library. I'm hoping to make the baby storytime at the library this week--it's at an odd time in Anna's nap schedule so we missed it last week. We also went to the Farmer's Market at one of the local churches and have found the grocery stores and Costco.

OK, here are the pictures:

My little girl is getting so big!

Anna and her best friend, Spike. She loves to "pet" him. He doesn't always enjoy being hit and having his nose grabbed, but he is always sweet with her! :)

Anna loves to push this toy around the living room.

Going to the grocery store... She was wearing denim shorts and a white t-shirt, so I had to put a bow in her hair so people would know she was a girl. You would be surprised how many people make that mistake. AND how many people feel the need to tell me that she needs a haircut. Has anyone heard of cutting a baby girl's hair? Then she would look like a boy!

Brandon is teaching Anna to follow in his footsteps when it comes to choclate ice cream. I don't think she needs much convincing! (Just look at her chocolate covered mouth!)



Rick & Jill said...

Christie! We miss you in FL! Anna is SO big - when did she just grow up? we're praying for you! Come visit soon!

Jana Swartwood said...

She totally looks like a girl! Oy, people.