Sunday, November 11, 2007

Double Takes

The whole thing started when Anna was a just few months old: random people--perfect strangers!--coming up to us and telling us, "She looks just like baby Suri!"

After seeing this magazine cover a few weeks ago, I have to agree with them. I actually did a double take when I saw it. ("Where did they get that pictue of Anna?!?! And how come I've never seen that dress?!?!")

So, I've done a little internet searching and came up with these (the last one especially looks like Anna):

I am now convinced that the reason Anna has been passed over twice for modeling contests is that she looks too much like Suri. Which, of course, is entirely unfair!

Brandon has decided that this interesting similarity can be the end of our financial woes. If he had written this blog (in my voice), it would go something like this (and I'm typing verbatum)...

Well, the truth is finally out--Anna is really Tom Cruise's baby. I always wondered why Brandon was coming to bed singing "Highway to the Danger Zone." Since the truth is finally out in the open, all we want from Mr. Cruise is a one-time child support payment; only 2 million.
(And you can guess the rest...)

I'll post new pictures of the cuter, more disciplined, poorer child tomorrow... :)

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Heidi said...

Ahem, I'm laughing at the thought that you could mistake Tom Cruise for Brandon!! There is a height, teeth whitening difference. And i'm being nice here.