Friday, December 14, 2007

All I Want for Christmas... a year pass to the Children's Museum. And we already got it! (Thanks Granna and BB!)

Here are some pics of our last visit. Sorry, but most of them are experiments with my new camera. :)

A few pictures of the Chihuly glass ceiling:

And the glass tower:

Unfortunately, the tower is so big that I couldn't fit the whole thing in one frame. In this last picture, you get a good look at the glass celing--from the top!

No, she is not holding glass--they made plastic pieces for the kids to play with. You can see a small portion of the glass ceiling in the top left hand corner of this pic:

One of my favorite spots in the whole museum--the Dinosphere:

Anna got to meet Santa outside the Winter Wonderland area. She seemed to like him here, while in Daddy's arms, but when we took her to the mall, it was a different story!

These next pictures are not the greatest, but in Brandon's defense, the lighting was REALLY difficult. We love the carousel and make a point to ride it at least once each time we visit the museum. And I have a few pictures of me and Anna together. (Usually I'm behind the camera!)


Faydra said...

wow - that looks like an awesome children's museum - better than the one's in Houston and San Antonio that we've visited recently.

Christie Breland said...

It is awesome. They have amazing permanant exhibits and the rotating ones are always fantastic too. Plus, a theater that does 3 or 4 shows a year (geared toward children, of course), a planetarium, yummy food court, and my favorite--a special play area designed for little kids ages 0-5. Anna absolutely loves to play there. If you're ever in Indy, we will definitely make a visit.