Saturday, December 22, 2007

O Christmas Tree...

I meant to post these pics earlier, but then forgot...

This year, we had the pleasure of actually cutting down our own tree! We visited a Christmas tree farm about 20 minutes away and spent about 45 minutes in the freezing cold looking for the perfect tree. We couldn't find it, so we settled for a very nice one with only a few flaws.

Before our hay ride out to the fields:

Searching for the perfect tree:

This is how Anna smiles when she knows the camera is out:

We found it!

Brandon is checking it for critters. (Yes, it's a little gross, but the trees grow outside and spiders, birds, or even field mice can live in them!)

Brandon as a tree-chopping evil ax murderer who is glad we finally decided on a tree:

On the hayride back:
(Yes, this is the one we used for our Christmas cards.)

Getting it home:
(It was so wide it took 3 people to get it through the netting machine.)

The finished product:

I decided to utilize the huge bare spot to showcase my more delicate glass ornaments:

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Mom said...

Brandon, what wonderful memories this brings back!! I can still see you, about Anna's age, running around the Christmas Tree Farm helping dad and me look for "the perfect tree". Of course, dad was always ready for us to hurry up and pick a tree, EVERY tree was perfect to you and, oh well, we won't mention how long it would take me to make a decision!! We had so much fun making those memories!!
What a blessing to see you, Christie and Anna making your own special memories!! They are precious and priceless gifts you can open at any time for the rest of your lives and be blessed beyond measure!!!