Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Indianapolis = COLD!!!

No, I am not re-living the past; it's unfortunate, but I am definitely in the present.

It is absolutely freezing here--literally. When we got up this morning, it was 4 degrees (wind chill of -16) and now it has gotten up to a "balmy" 13 (feels like 0). It has been snowing (lightly) since about noon and despite my best efforts, I cannot get warm. The thermostat is set to 72, and yet, my extremities (hands, feet, nose) are ice cold, as are Anna's.

I feel even worse for Brandon. He has been working outside since about 6 am, with only a short lunch break to warm up in his truck. Even his sandwich and chips (which he left inside the truck) were frozen.

On a positive note, it is supposed to warm up to the 50's by this weekend. (And you Floridians think it's cold right now!)

In order to appease the masses (grandparents), I'm including a pic of Anna (but it's not recent and not edited).


Rick & Jill said...

LOL- I remember living in S. Indiana and it dropped way below zero- it was horrid, so my heart goes out to you. We were home-bound for two weeks and it snowed two feet on top of three inches of ice... nasty. Hang in there and come thaw out back home :) miss you!

Jana Swartwood said...

My heart goes out to you as well, except I do have to say it could be yet worse. I remember a few times in childhood where it got down to -60 degrees. And then a few days later, it was about +60. And then everyone got sick. Ah, northern winters. :)

Seriously, though, I hope you guys are staying as warm as possible. I know it can be tough.