Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Fun in the Florida Sun

Last week, Anna and I went to Florida to visit my family. (Hello sunshine and warm air!!!) We had a great time and my only complaint was that we should have stayed longer. (Brandon was definitely ready for us to come home, though! He said he missed his girls!)

Anna and her Papa
Any time my dad was home, you could find Anna somewhere close--usually on his lap. :) She even wanted her "pa-pa" to read her bedtime stories (a job ususally reserved for no one but Mama!)

Playtime with Mimi
Anna also had a great time playing with her Mimi (short for Grammy.) One of her favorite things to do with her "mi-mi" was to run up and down the hill in front of the house. She laughed her cute little belly laughs the whole time!

This shot was just a little experiment with photographing motion.

Anna loves her "Mah" (Uncle Mike). Since we've been home, she's been looking at his pictures and giving him kisses with a loud "mmmmmmmmwaahh." She also enjoys calling him "Mah---ee" which translates to "Uncle Mikey."

Burger and Fries!
The first day we were in Ft. Myers, we went to have lunch at Ada's deli (health food store.) They have smoothies, wraps, and a variety of hot foods. When my mom asked Anna what she wanted to eat for lunch, Anna said "buh-buh...fiess!" to which my mom quickly replied (after I translated) something like, "OK, honey. Tomorrow we'll have a burger and fries for lunch." The next day we went to Ft. Myers Beach and had a burger and fries. My girl sure does love her some french fries! She looks like such a big girl holding the burger all by herself!

They'rrrrrrrre GREAT!!!
We also got to see Anna's Great Granpda Paul (Panta) and Great Grandma Marty (Gigi). As you can see, Anna had really enjoyed their visit!


Faydra said...

since my dad is in Ft. Myers too we need to plan joint visits sometime!

oh and in 3rd pic after your burger and fries headline - Anna looks so beautiful!

Tom and Jamie said...

I didn't know you were in Florida! You gotta come over the to east coast and visit!