Thursday, April 03, 2008

Easter Pictures

The week before Easter, Anna's BB and "Nana" (Granna) came to visit (Brandon's parents). Here are a few pictures to chronicle their visit. I wish I had more, but all of us (starting with Anna) were sick at one point, so we didn't get to do as much as we had hoped.

Anna and Granna: Anna with her BB. (I am so sad that I had to return that book to the library. She really loved it!)
Easter Morning
Anna absolutely loved hunting eggs and we did multiple egg hunts before church. Notice the doll...that was part of her Easter basket. (Thanks Aunt Di!)

Family Pictures (a.k.a. Thank God for the Tripod!)

Easter Afternoon
Easter afternoon was full of more egg hunting (and funny faces).
I sure do love that dress!

OK, I know this is not the best quality photo, but I love it. And not just because it's got my two favorite people in it! One in black and white for fun:

I saved the best one for last:


Jana Swartwood said...

She makes the most awesome faces! And as a serious practicer of face-making, I know what I'm talking about. How long, do you think, before your mom and I can incorporate her into one of our shows? :)

Christie Breland said...

Well, I think that depends on what the age of consent is for performing, since her daddy is rather disinclined to allow such activities. Not to mention her Uncle Mike! Neither of them have much tolerance for "the shows." I, however, have already taught her several dance moves that may prove invalauble in her career as a performer. The faces, though, are all her own!

Plus, she still gets a little shy sometimes, so perhaps we should hold off on her stage debut. :)

Anonymous said...

Jana - not to worry. When Anna was visiting us, we practiced dancing. She is ready now!!