Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Out of Luck

If you came here looking for a new picture or two, you are out of luck. I haven't taken any photos since the one I posted on Saturday. But, there's always tomorrow!

Of course, I couldn't post without mentioning something about our sweet Anna. In one of my previous posts, I mentioned her fantastic sentence skills. I now hear the words "hold me" about 50 times a day, if not more. I think she just says it when she doesn't know what else to say! When she first started saying "hold me," I wondered about her understanding of the word "me." A couple weeks ago, I stopped wondering:

Me: Here sweetie, hold your juice.

Anna: *silence* (no reaction, no words...nothing)

Me: Anna, hold it!

Anna: Hold me it!

Me: It. Hold it.

Anna: Hold me it.

Me: No, honey. Just it. Hold it.

Anna: Hold me it!

Me: OK, sweetheart.

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