Sunday, May 18, 2008

Nothing New

I realize that I haven't posted in a week. There just hasn't been anything extraordinary to post about. We've been fairly busy with our usual activities. I took some pictures of Anna at the golf course last Monday, but I haven't even gotten around to transfering them to the computer. I've done laundry. Cooked meals. Ran errands. Played and read stories. Gone to the library several times. Finished The Poisonwood Bible. (It made me cry.)

Brandon is flying to GA today to caddy for our friend J. as he begins his quest to make money playing golf. Brandon will be back late Monday night (early Tuesday morning) and then Tuesday evening Anna and I leave for two weeks in Florida. I'll get one last chance (who would have thought!?!) to conduct "my kids." They really are like my kids, especially the ones graduating this year, since we all started together. Good times. (That's for you, Jai!)

Maybe I'll get a chance to work on those pictures tonight.

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Jana Swartwood said...

Good times.... :)