Friday, June 20, 2008

For the other VIPs

I may be known around the world (ok, maybe just in the continental United States) as a procrastinater, but I promised you there would be more pictures today. I am, indeed, a woman of my word. However, I never promised a certain time (on purpose). As ususal, I'm squeaking in just before the buzzer!

In Anna's life, there are lots and lots of wonderful friends and family, but only five make it into the VIP category. (Sorry to everyone else.) One you got to see yesterday (Bill, Brandon's dad and Anna's BB); the rest you see today!

(Just so you know, Daddy and Mommy are beyond VIP. We're more like "Super Hero" and "Mean Lady Who Won't Let Me Watch TV All Day." I know some of you are wondering, and the answer is a resounding no! In a sad twist of fate, "Mean Lady" does NOT get to wear a cape. This is just one of the many ways "Super Hero" gets to have all the fun.)

Janet, AKA Granna
(By the way, have you ever seen a sweeter little face?)

Steve and Gena, AKA Papa and Mimi

Uncle Mike


Jana Swartwood said...

Oh, I think "Mean Lady" could wear a cape. She just chooses not to. :)

anna's granna said...

I love it, love it, love it!!! What an incredible privilege to be a part of this truly special VIP group!!! It is such a joy to be so loved by our precious little Anna, and not only that, to have a love for her that no words could ever begin to express!!! We are, indeed, a very blessed group!!!!
Thank you, Christie, for warming our hearts with these beautiful pictures!! They are priceless!!!!
Also, just to set the record straight, you are NOT a mean old lady!!! You are a wonderful, wonderful mother!! I am always so blessed just to watch you with Anna!! You and Brandon, both, make Anna's Granna and BB very, very proud, as we are able to see every time we are with you what wonderful parents you are!!!!

Christie said...

The cape really became a saftey issue. Vacuum cleaner, garbage disposal... After all, "Super Hero" doesn't have to use these household appliances.

And who said anything about "old?!?"