Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. We were in the produce section of the grocery store last week when I saw something...odd. There was a lady looking at cherries (on sale! yes!). I know, not unusual. However, instead of just picking up a bag and checking to see how they looked, she was rummaging through each and every bag and picking out single cherries to examine them, ONE BY ONE! If she deemed it acceptable, she then placed it (loose) in her produce bag. By the time we got there, she already had a rather large bag full. All I could think was, "What in the WORLD???"

2. Also at the grocery store, Anna decided to practice a new word she recently learned. I like to talk to her about what we're getting and who it's for (Anna, Daddy, all of us, etc.), so in the milk cases we got "Anna's milk" and "Daddy's milk." Apparently, she was feeling possessive about all the milk in the case, because when a gentleman came behind us to get some milk she said (very loudly), "NO DUDE! NO DUDE!" I had to explain that he was allowed to buy milk, too (while trying not to explode with laughter.) She also did this in the chip aisle.

3. Fairly often I'm busy in one room of the house (usually the kitchen) while Anna is playing in another room. Inevitably, there comes a time of silence, which makes me immediately suspicious. I'll call out, "Anna, what are you doing?" Her new answer: "Nothing!"

4. One more of Anna's favorite new phrases: "Me, too!"

5. Coming home from our last visit to Florida, our flight out of West Palm was delayed. Since we missed our connection in Atlanta, we were bumped to a late night flight. It turned into an unexpected blessing, because we got to spend some time with newlyweds J. and E., who also happen to be Anna's godparents. They took us to the original Chick-Fil-A restaurant in Hapeville, GA. And get this: it was a sit-down restaurant! And they served burgers! Here's a picture of Anna with J. and E. Please ignore the terrible quality--it was dark and I had to use the flash.

6. All the rain we've been getting has washed the little black ants out of their home and into ours. We're doing our best to get our unwanted guests to leave. We also get our fair share of spiders. (yuck!) I keep begging Brandon to spray (despite the fact that he's aleady done so) but he's convinced that it's all just part of spring/summer in the midwest.

7. On the plus side, I can now think of a positive aspect of winter: no bugs!

8. I am very upset with Babies R Us. I attempted to return my recalled, chemical-laden baby bottles yesterday for a store credit and was told that they would only exchange them bottle for bottle. Since we are not planning on having another baby for at least another year (if at all), I cannot see why I should have to exchange them for new bottles. It's not like I was asking for cash back--just store credit that I would have promptly used for diapers or something else we need. And I'm sure that the bottle company is going to reimburse them for all the product that has been returned. Tomorrow, I intend to make a phone call and see if I can get this sorted out. The stinger: My friend M. returned her bottles last week and was given store credit. What happend to "the customer is always right" mentality?

9. Brandon has started tucking Anna's blankie into her shirt and telling her it's a cape. He'll pick her up, tell her to stick her arms out, and fly her around and say "Super Anna!" She repeats him, but with the emphais on "Anna." (Again, sorry for the poor photo quality.)

Here's my girl "flying" by herself:

10. When asked what Daddy does for a living, Anna replies, "Hit golf balls."

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Faydra said...

What's wrong with your ten? If I'd seen a lady do that to cherries I'd have blogged about it too.