Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. Check out Stuff Christians Like. There are some seriously funny posts there, especially if you've grown up in the church.

2. Check out English Fail, too. I've been getting a kick out of this for the past couple weeks.

3. We've been watching Enchanted. There are a few parts in the movie where Giselle sings out the window to call her animal friends to help her. Anna has been asking me to sing out her windows. She sings along and then giggles uncontrollably.

4. Because of two Bible stories, (the story of baby Moses and the story of Queen--excuse me, Princess Esther, both of which we have to read each and every night), a few Disney movies, and Princess Pull-Ups, Anna is into all things "pin-cess." She even knows their names. I know it was inevitable, but I had hoped to hold off on the princess obsession until she was at least 3.

5. Instead of saying a simple thank you, Anna prefers to say "Thank you so much," which I usually follow with "You're welcome so much!" and a laugh.

6. The ants are back. All it takes is an afternoon of light rain and they invade our home. Its getting to the point where I almost wish it was winter again. Yes, it's that annoying. In the last several days, I have also killed two spiders and a very weird looking, wide, centipede-like bug that was on the ceiling when I came downstairs one morning. That one made me nervous. I might have screamed after I squished it with a golf club and it fell from the ceiling.

7. I'm thinking about permanately making my "Ten on Tuesday" post a "Two on Tuesday" instead. What do you think? You'll probably get them every week that way since I won't have to come up with so many things. And doesn't "Two on Tuesday" have a better ring to it?

8. Garden Update:
My garden is still growing, although I haven't been as diligent about watering as I should. I think. I don't want to drown them, either. The problem is that I really don't know what I'm doing. I'm also fairly sure that some of the green things are weeds and not something I planted, but I'm afraid to pull anything because, with my luck, I will be pulling up all the flowering plants.

I especially like this photo:

9. Injury Update:
If it wasn't absolutely ridiculous to be proud of an injury, I would be proud of this one. Aside from stage make-up, I don't think I've ever sported these colors on my body before. When I've been out in public lately (church, work, etc.) I've tried to cover it up, because surely someone will think my husband beats me. He doesn't. But it looks pretty bad. And I don't want to explain how it actually did happen. It would sound better if I said I got it mountain biking or at the roller derby, rather than, "I'm clumsy and I fell down." That's the simplified version, but you get the point. The photo doesn't actually do it justice, but it's darned hard to take a picture of your own elbow!

10. I am not enjoying potty training. In all fairness, I'm not really doing it 100%. What really bugs me about it, though, is all the times Anna asks to go potty and then sits there, won't go, but won't get off the potty. I feel like this is a huge waste of time. Not that I have tons of important things to do that can't wait, but sitting in the bathroom doing nothing is not my idea of a good way to pass the time. My original goal was for her to be potty trained by the end of the month. I haven't exactly given up on it, but I don't want to push her. And I'm lazy about hitting it hard core.

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Jana Swartwood said...

What do you mean it's absolutely ridiculous to be proud of an injury? I'm always proud when I get a big, colorful bruise.