Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ten from Anna on Tuesday

Anna has been in all her two-year-old glory lately. And while it's adorable, it's also extremely tiring. She has so much energy and wakes up jumping in her crib while I can barely get my eyes open. (I've never been a morning person.) I honestly believe that she could destroy our entire house if I turned my back for 30 minutes. Her innocent curiosity can cause mild chaos in just the 2 minutes it takes me to brush my teeth; her not-so-innocent curiosity... well, let's not even go there.

She is astounding me daily with her verbal skills. It seems like she adds several new words to her vocabulary each day. Here's a collection of the interesting things she's been saying:

1. Brandon taught Anna to respond to the question, "What are you?" with "Daddy's princess!"

2. When I cook dinner, I like to listen to music (if I can get Anna engaged in playing independently). She has been known, on occasion, to tell me, "NO DANCING!"

3. Anna: "STOP!"
Me: "What?"
Anna: "Shakin' your booty!"

4. Once in a while, I also try to squeeze in a little computer time while cooking dinner, causing Anna to tell me to, "Stop! Stop it, Mom!" (Have you figured out that she hears the word stop a lot?)

5. One night, when a Pyrex dish slipped out of my hands and clattered on the floor, Anna came running into the kitchen, threw her arms around me and said, in a rather annoyed and scolding voice, "You scared me, Mommy!"

6. She loves to say, "Oh my goodness!"

7. Instead of a simple "yes," Anna prefers, "I sure do, Mom!"

8. One of Anna's favorite movies to watch is Monsters Inc. Recently, she had been doing an extremely fake cough and then saying that it's "allergies." (You have to watch the movie to get it.)

9. For her birthday, Panta and Gigi gave her three one dollar bills to put in her wallet. Gigi also taught her whose picture was on the dollar. When she couldn't find her wallet or her money, she ran around the house crying, "Where's George Washington?"

10. Anna's prayer at dinner time the other night: "Dear God. Help my food."


Anonymous said...

I am laughing out loud! Hilarious! I wish (as I'm sure you do too) that you lived closer so I could just have Anna entertain me!

Anonymous said...

I'll pray with you too sweetheart if Mommy's food needs help.


Faydra said...

I love #9!

Kaden's on a Monster's Inc kick right now too. Blue doesn't care yet.

Oh and Kaden says "Oh my goodness gracious!" All the time and I have no idea where he got that from.