Thursday, September 04, 2008

Fair Photos

I have a ton more shots from the fair and will share some of my nighttime attempts tomorrow, but for today here are a few snapshots from our first trip.

I wish I could have cropped out the weird alien balloon, but there was no way for me to get it out of the photo. I guess it's just part of the fair atmosphere; it helps tell the story. Right?

These horses are seriously HUGE. I showed my animal ignorance and asked Brandon if people actually ride them. (duh!) I guess it would only be comfortable if you could do a split. I can't. And I'm definitely not an equestrian. Ha ha ha...

Anna got to see some little goats (I don't think they were babies) right after they were judged in the 4H arena. This one belonged to a very sweet little girl who kindly offered to let Anna pet her (prize winning?) goat.

The midway is so much fun, but so expensive--$4.00 for a carousel ride for me and Anna! And no, after finding out the price, we did not ride. Especially since we can ride the carousel at the Children's Museum for free.

My attempts at catching this ride in motion:

I call this one "Self-portrait in a carousel mirror with legs of unknown people."

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