Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Two on Tuesday--UPDATED

1. I know you're dying for a garden update. What? You're NOT?!? Well, just pretend to be interested when I tell you all about my flower. Nope, that's not a typo. Flower. Singular. And may I also say that it's tiny? I might take a picture this afternoon and add it to this post if I get a chance. That is, if it's not dead already. Oh, and you might need a magnifying glass. Next year, I am definitely going for the plants that already have flowers on them. And leaves. And roots.

2. Anna says, "Spike has really bad boo-boo." I won't go into how it happened. Let's just say that I'm glad I'm not the person responsible. And Anna wasn't responsible either. Poor Spike! We had to take him to the pet emergency room, which we found out isn't at the real hospital (just kidding!) and when they were done, we brought him home six staples heavier. Although they had to shave off a lot of his hair, so maybe he was actually lighter. He's on the mend now, but looking rather odd, since we've dressed him in one of my old turtlenecks. You know, because he might get cold without all that hair. (Kidding again!) Mostly it's to protect the wound from scratching and licking. Is that TMI?

Check back later for photos...I might get to them.

OK, here's a shot of my flower:

You can't see it? How about now?

Ah! Here it is:

I told you it was tiny. (And, as predicted, almost dead.)

Here is Spike in his turtleneck:

Spike Update: Brandon and Spike are back at the pet ER tonight. He (Spike) started scratching and by the time I could get to him (literally, like, less that two seconds) he had ripped out two of his staples and opened up the cut. GRRRRR!!!!! As if we have extra money laying around to keep taking him to the very expensive emergency vet!

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