Thursday, October 16, 2008

Where in the world have we been?!?

We've been here. Mostly. Actually, we've been quite busy, so we've been here, but out running around. Oh, and we've been without internet service. For almost FIVE DAYS! But that's another story entirely.

So, now that we've got our internet working again (stinkin' AT&T) I'm hoping that things in my blogging world can return to normal. I have about a zillion (ok, only about 1,000) photos to weed my way through editing, as well as two sessions to proof. Oh, and Brandon's parents are coming to visit on Friday. So, we'll still be busy, but at least I'll be able to blog about it.

I won't leave you without a photo. Here's the fam (minus me):


Stephen and Kelly said...

So glad to see you're back! I missed my (almost) daily dose of Breland family news! You can't get us all hooked and then just cut us off like that...not fair!

Anonymous said...

Cherish these days Daddy... They will go so fast and never come back again.

This is a great picture of real life with you and your little girl.

Love you Brandon,