Saturday, November 22, 2008

Love: Fall, Apples, and Farm Animals

I may have posted a couple of these photos already, but I wanted to put all the photos from our (first) trip to Apple Works together in one post.

As expected, Anna's favorite part of the trip was seeing the animals. That girl loves her some farm animals.

I just love her sweet profile, with her cute little button nose...

This old goat was the sweetest thing. He (she?) kind of reminded us of Spike--because he loved the attention and let our girl love on him in her two-year-old way.
And love him, she did. Notice her arms still around this poor goat's neck. (He didn't seem to mind at all!)

Like so many fall days in Indiana, the sky was a brilliant, cloudless blue.

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anna's granna said...

These pictures are sooooo precious!!! Especially the ones of Anna loving on that extremely patient goat!! Our hearts melt every time we look at them (and that is every day)!! What a beautiful picture of our little Anna's tender heart!!!