Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Spirit? Part 2

As an attempt to join the land of the living (and not just working) again, I thought I'd give a little update to my last (miserly) post about Christmas Spirit.

1. We now have a tree. Two, to be exact, since I decided it would be nice for Anna to have a little one in her room. She's been very excited about it and has enjoyed adding ornaments to her tree.

2. I finally decorated our tree on Friday night. (We bought it over two weeks ago.) I decided to go the simple route and forego the ornaments this year, instead using white lights, red beaded garland, and red bows. My decision was looking really good to me while I was examining all the stab marks on my hands and forearms from the dried-out needles. Fire hazard, anyone?

3. This is my sixth Christmas season working in retail (not consecutively, thank God) and I have decided that working at the mall is enough to kill even Santa's holiday spirit. Is there an unspoken rule that I don't know about? Like one that says, "At Christmas time, be extra rude and grumpy to people who are just trying to be nice and helpful?" I kid you not; yesterday a customer threw two hangers at one of the girls I work with. Seriously.

4. Anna's favorite song is still "Jingle Bells," but she also likes "Jingle Bell Rock," or as she calls it, "Jingle Bell Cop." (???)

5. "Greeting cards have all been sent..." NOT! The only reason I'm still doing Christmas cards this year is because we have an awesome family picture. My goal is to get them in them mail by Monday, so some of you should receive a card by Christmas Eve. For those of you who don't, the card says Happy New Year also, so that will have to suffice. Maybe next year I'll do what my mom does and send a New Year's letter.

6. We haven't had Anna's picture with Santa taken yet. We tried several times last year and they were all a disaster, but made for funny photos! We have been talking the jolly man up this year (mostly expounding on how he is the bearer of gifts for good girls) in an attempt to get her to sit on his lap for a photo. We've made progress since last year--this year she did speak with him, but from the safety of her stroller. I keep asking her if she wants to sit on his lap, tell him what she wants for Christmas, and take a picture. Her response is always, "Not today, mom."

7. I'm hoping for a white Christmas. We have already had several snows and lots of ice, but none of it has stayed around for more than a few days. Right now, it is well below freezing with the wind chill in the negative teens. I miss Florida.

8. All I still want for Christmas: sleep.

OK, it's time to tackle the Christmas cards!

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Marla Saunders said...

Fun to peak into your lives, Brandon and Christie. Anna is beautiful!

Merry Christmas!