Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spoiled: A Tale of Anna's Valentine's Day

Anna is so spoiled. She is the only grandchild for both sets of grandparents, and because there's no one else to divide the loot with, she gets TONS of presents at every major holiday. Most of the time, she receives such wonderful gifts that she shows absolutely no interest in the stuff Brandon and I get for her. So little interest, in fact, that I didn't even bother taking pictures of her opening the gifts we got her this year. I did, however, take photos of her for the grandparents.

Disclaimer: These photos are terrible and I know it. Bad lighting, wonky flash, messy house that you will pretend not to notice.

Clothes from BB and Granna:

She was rather excited about the nail polish. Brandon was just thrilled (note the sarcasm) and immediately forbade her to wear the red and then told her she could only wear light pink and clear. Anna and I are planning to use the purple tonight, though. Don't tell!

She was also very excited about her doctor kit and hasn't left me alone, wanting to doctor me half the day. She also enjoys giving me pretend shots, which she then expects me to cry about so she can tell me it will only hurt a little while. Apparently her recent trips to the doctor and emergency room have made quite an impression!

Brandon and I also got her a little bear for Valentine's Day, but did she hug it like that? Nope! You can see our white teddy bear in the next photo, laying where it was quickly discarded.

Anna's had a thing for snow globes for a while, and she was thrilled to get an Ariel one and a Toy Story one (in the photo after Ariel).

This was her big present from Papa and Mimi. The bag was so big that she practically got her whole body in to get the gift out.

Have I mentioned that her favorite thing to do is to play "dress up"?

Posing for the camera in Belle's Christmas dress. I totally wish I had dresses like she does when I was little. She really is spoiled with all her princess dresses and accessories!

The girl loves her shoes. LOVES her shoes--the higher the better--and calls them "click-clock shoes"! We had to take a photo of this pose because this is how all the princesses sit on the floor--with their shoes peeking out from under their dress!

Hope your Valentine's Day was as wonderful as ours!


Faydra said...

I love that dress! Isn't it crazy how all holidays have become gift giving holidays? And yet we do it too - I'd hardly but the Christmas stuff away when I was ordering Valentine's gifts!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I know you wrote this two months ago, but I HAD to comment.....Anna is GORGEOUS! What a sweetheart full of personality! Love it! Miss you!