Wednesday, January 18, 2006

...and so we begin!

I decided to start this blog as a way for our extended family and friends to keep up with everything that's happing in the Breland household, and boy can there be a lot going on! We were married almost two years ago, got our first baby (Spike, our golden retriever) almost a year ago, and then found out we were expecting our second baby (a real baby!) a few months ago!

I'll post pictures and updates about our life and the growing baby, and probably an occasional commentary on life as a pregnant lady (and later as a mom). Hopefully, this will help us keep in touch with friends and family far away.


Anonymous said...

Yes, "at least you're married."

That's what every parent wants to hear when they find out their daughters pregnant. Thank you Brandon for that insighful word.
Love Dad

marsha said...

Hey Christie:

This is great! I love it. I am
going to send this address to
Stacy so she can keep in touch

Stay well and enjoy every day -
especially weekends.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brandon and Christie, We are so excited for u and cant wait for the little one to come, Bradley will be so excited to have another play-mate. Any questions just call, have tons of answers for u and maternity clothes if u need....Take care and drink lots and lots of water.....