Monday, January 23, 2006

Taking the plunge

Anyone who knows me well knows that shopping is one of my favorite hobbies, especially clothes shopping. But since I've been pregnant I've had to abstain from my clothes ritual in fear that whatever I bought would only fit for a month (or less!). However, I am proud to say that I have once again taken up the sport of shopping. Or rather, maternity clothes shopping.

In all honesty, it's not quite the same. First of all, it’s hard to get excited about clothes when your stomach is starting to resemble that of a pot-bellied pig. And there are very few buttons and zippers. Most maternity pants (or skirts) have the unbecoming five-mile-wide elastic waist band which was a complete affront to my fashion sensibility, that is, until I tried them on. They are heaven on earth, at least for a pregnant lady whose slowly expanding waist has made normal pants feel like a noose severing her torso from her legs.

Thankfully, it seems that maternity clothes are starting to adjust to the 21st Century. They offer different cuts (how high do you want your elastic to go?) and although there really isn’t that much to choose from, the styles are fairly fashionable. I ended up getting a pair of pants on sale—what could be better!?! Brandon’s only comment was, “I wish I didn’t have to button and zip my pants or put a belt on; think of how much time that would save me!”


Jana Swartwood said...

And just how much time does Brandon waste each day due to the fact that he wears conventional pants? :) At any rate, I say go for comfort above fashion. Did you ever see that episode of Friends where Phoebe has the Santa pants? Classic. And how comfortable would that be?!? Hmm, maybe I should look into it myself. We could start a whole new trend.

Christie Breland said...

Actually, Brandon and I had a discussion about how much time it really takes to button and zip your pants and put a belt on. I came up with ten seconds (or less), but he said that his belt is more complicated (the kind you have to fold back and loop) so it would really take more like 15 seconds. After that we both agreed that it was just sheer laziness!

Seriously, the maternity clothes are SO comfortable. I put on a normal skirt this morning and there is no comparison. Aside from the stigma of buying maternity clothes when you're not pregnant and the limited selection, I recommend maternity clothes to everyone! I may even wear them after I have the baby! One of my students even complimented me on my pants yesterday. :)

Aunt Lynn said...

Chrisite, I discovered what elastic was for when I turned 40, and "no," there is no shame in being comfortable!