Thursday, February 02, 2006


Yesterday, my bass fishing aficionado husband says to me, "I'm really glad we're having a baby, because if we weren't, I probably would go out and buy a really nice bass boat."

Does anyone else find this comment disturbing?!?!


Jana Swartwood said...

Well, it could be worse. Don't ask me how it could be worse, but surely, it could be worse.

The part about his comment that I just don't quite get is the fact that he's glad that he's not buying the bass boat. Why mention it at all if, really, you're preferring the fact that you're having a baby over buying a boat?

But then, that's probably not quite the way he meant it. :)

Christie Breland said...

I guess I should have given more background...

Brandon has been talking about buying a bass boat for quite some time now. His goal is to start fishing local tournaments and then eventually make his way to the pro circuit. I think he has a good chance of succeeding. However, this all hinges on purchasing a boat that is big enough and fast enough (read: expensive enough) to take him to the pros. We're talking $30,000+ here.

Stick with me now--it gets a bit complicated. In his research, he discovered that he has a better chance of advancing is he fishes a local tourney as a non-boater (in other word, a passenger in someone else's boat) than if has a boat and registers as a boater. Plus, he can win a nice boat in a tournament, which would be better than spending all that money. So now he's decided that he wants to buy a smaller boat for practicing. (Oh joy! Only $10,000!)

The thing that I found most disturbing about his comment is that he couldn't just be glad that we are having a child. No, he has to be glad we're having a kid because now he won't waste his money on a boat. I don't think he is really preferring the baby over the boat, and that was upsetting, although typically male of him.

It just goes to show how different men and women are. I'm thinking about how to provide for this child and what we can do financially to cut back and my husband is thinking about buying a bass boat. Go figure! What happened to just being glad about the baby and leaving it at that?

Heidi said...

Christie, I personally find it apalling. I think he should spend the money on shoes for you. Not all of it of course, but a nice couple hundred.

Scott Brannon said...

Like most males, when we are in a state of excitement, we tend to drop our guard with respect to what is coming out of our mouths. We are not always aware of the emotional states of our better halves, and the fact that at times they scrutinize every word that we say. Let's not forget that wives remember everything up to ten years later. I am convinced that this skill is heightened when the love of my life is in a increased state of sensitivity, as she has the uncanny ability to quote to me verbatim what I have said, as well as describe every detail surrounding the event. Needless to say, I believe your husband was exclaiming very simply that he was pleased with the fact that the events in his life are working together to his benefit even though he, in the not so distant past, thought that they had taken a turn for the worse. (Not the pregnancy, just the fact that he no longer could justify his purchase of a $30,000 dollar boat.) Men! We are not all that bad, we just sound like it sometimes.