Thursday, March 02, 2006


I have a very simple question.

Why would a parent, upon learning that their child was doing poorly in a class, ask the teacher if the child really has to take the class rather than encouraging their student to improve their grade or finding out how they could do so?

I have a gut feeling that this has something to do with my earlier entry, "Stupidity."


Becky Davis said...

Try teaching Algebra--the class everyone thinks is pointless, yet is for some reason required to graduate.

Jana Swartwood said...


Christie Breland said...

Oy is right.

After speaking with several parents about their individual student's less than acceptable grade, I have come to the conclusion that some parents just don't know their children. Of course, some do, and I've spoken to them as well.

This leads me to another question: Why don't parents understand that when their child says, "Mrs. Breland is really mean" that their child is simply trying to express the fact that they can't get away with misbehaving? That they are actually being required to learn something? That the classroom rules are being enforced? That they are actually being held accountable for their choices and actions?

Thankfully, my discussions with most of these parents have been productive. Thank God!