Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Prayers Needed

This Thursday, Anna and I are going to New York City! Sounds like fun, right? Unfortunately, I'm not going with Brandon; I'm going with 18 high school students, 3 parents, and 5 other teachers and administrators from my school.

My high school choir is singing at Carnegie Hall. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for these kids. I have been planning this trip since last year, and now that its here, I really don't want to go! I know it will be fun, but the responsibilities of being in charge have me a little stressed. (Plus dealing with all the details, parents, and "issues".) Being away from Brandon for 5 days doesn't have me thrilled either. We haven't been apart that long since we first started dating (almost 4 years ago)!

So, I could really use your prayers. I get tired a lot easier now. Please pray for safety; for obedient, well behaved, un-complaining students; for helpful chaperones; and for good weather. Pray, also, that I won't be cold, because all my maternity clothes are for Florida's year-round summer. Pray that I would have patience with all of my students.

Brandon has another bass tournament while I'm gone. I forgot to mention (after my post about his boat) that he placed 5th in his first tournament ever!!! I was a very proud wife. He is hoping to win this one--and I think he could!


Gampa said...

OK, I'm not going to mince words here...
You tell those kids to help you with everything! (Carrying your luggage, setting the example for the less well behaved part of the herd and anything else that even "remotely" starts to become a burden for you!) If you get into a tight spot... start crying and say, ("I've worked so hard to give you (my students) an opportunity to see New York and to be able to sing in one of the world's most reknown halls and I'm pregnant and need help to make your dreams happen!) "I did it for you, my students." (The MORE tears, the better!) Trust me, if they've never seen that kind of emotion from you, it'll KILL! (Emphasis PREGNANT!)
A guilt trip will work on your trip!!!!!!!

Love Grandpa!

Jana Swartwood said...

I just have to say that the advice above is brilliant.

Heidi said...

do you really want to emotionally scar some poor high schooler by manipulating them? Oh wait, their high schoolers. Never mind.

Becky Davis said...

I've been waiting on an update to see how your trip went. How was NYC??? I hope you and Anna weren't mugged.