Friday, July 21, 2006

The bun is still baking...

In case anyone is wondering, Anna has not arrived yet. I have about a week left until my due date and thus far we have no progress towards her arrival since last week, although the doctor was quick to assure me that it doesn't really matter; she could still arrive at any time.

On the other hand, it's a good thing she's not ready to enter the world, since I haven't packed my bag for the hospital yet! I haven't been motivated to do it--I'm the girl who packs for her trip late the night before--so yesterday I bought myself a new Vera Bradley tote bag to make it more fun. (FYI--it was the turquoise and brown print.) It wasn't a totally frivolous purchase since the only bags I had were a suitcase (too big), a garment bag (not appropriate), and a purse-sized tote bag (too small). Now I can look forward to packing in style!

On Tuesday, Mandy (my friend from high school who is also pregnant) and I went to prenatal yoga, and I am totally hooked! Some of the moves were quite difficult to navigate with my huge stomach (I did break a sweat), but I left wishing that I had been doing this from the beginning. I have not felt that good in months! AND I slept really soundly, despite the multiple trips to the bathroom. Brandon even commented on what a difference it made. After Anna is born, I'll be looking for a place that offers beginning yoga classes.

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Jana Swartwood said...

And at what temperature is the bun baking? Sorry, I've always thought the pregnancy/cooking motif was odd (though obviously accurate enough to be in wide use). Wow, you're going to have a little girl so soon! Happiness!