Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Anna Joy Breland

An overview of Anna's life in pictures:

Anna Joy Breland
August 2, 2006
4:50 pm
9 pounds 8 ounces

Two days after she is born, Anna goes home!

Anna meets Spike.

At six days old, Anna takes her first walk outside.
Her first trip to the mall was this day too!

This picture was taken right before our first visit to church with baby Anna.

Unlike her mommy, most of Anna's first few weeks are spent sleeping.

Anna's first "real" bath.
She looks unhappy, but once she got adjusted to the water, she had a great time.

Anna and Spike are best friends.

All dressed up for church (6 weeks old).

Anna and her friend Emma have their first tea party!

When Anna is two months old, Grandma Gena comes to visit.
Anna loves to put her hat on and take walks with Grandma.

Baby Dedication
Sunday, October 8, 2006

Anna visits the pumpkin patch.

My little thumb-sucker!

Anna loves her Uncle Mike!

Anna turns three months old!

Happy Veteran's Day, Great Grandpa Paul!

November 15, 2006
Anna and Emma have a play date!


Faydra Stratton said...

That was one happening tea party! Next time don't go with decaf.

grandpa said...

That's the greatest set of pictures I've seen on a blog!
It's probably a good thing we didn't put pictures on here with me and Anna. I don't want anyone to be jealous of just how much she loves her Grandpa and Grandma!
Love you Anna!!

Anonymous said...

Hey christie ... I am so glad to receive your blog and see your precious little girl. She is beautiful. It has been so long since we have talked ... i didn't even know that Mandy was pregnant. Her little girl is so cute. That is really fun to have both your girls grow up together. I am happily married and very busy with a new counseling job and we just bought a house which we love but have no time to work on at this moment. Well i can't wait to see more pics.. take care

Michelle Davidson

Jana Swartwood said...

So much cuteness! Thanks for finally updating the blog. I was pretty concerned that you'd been pregant for, like, over a year now.

Just kidding! :)