Thursday, January 18, 2007


Well, we have arrived in Indianapolis, the city of freezing cold weather. (If that isn't their motto, it should be!) Anna did pretty good on the plane--no crying, but some very loud talking that Brandon was convinced was going to bother all the passengers on the plane. (It didn't.) She was very interested in all the new things at the airport and on the plane, which was fun to watch, but the downside was that she didn't really take a nap all day, leading to a very loud and cranky baby this evening.

Tomorrow we will be visiting Hillcrest Country Club and spending time with the locals (including a high school basketball game). Saturday, I will get to see one of my college friends, Kristi, and her little girl, Ana. (You really have to laugh at that: Kristi/Ana & Christie/Anna.) I am most looking forward to catching up with her (if I don't die of cold first). I was in her wedding and I haven't seen her since we graduated from college six and a half years ago! On Sunday, we will be "winging our way to the coast" and back to the beautiful warm weather.

I will probably be blogging every day for the next couple days, so leave me your comments!


Jana Swartwood said...

Ah, winter and the north. It's the most wonderful thing ever. (Well, at least they know how to clear roads up there.) Have fun, and tell Kristi I said hi!

Christie Breland said...

The weather hasn't been too bad...
wind chill in the teens, but no snow to speak of. That's supposed to happen tonight and tomorrow.
I'll say hi to Kristi!

Becky Davis said...

So, are you moving north?

Christie Breland said...

In short, the answer is yes, but don't tell anyone. I still have to break the news at school. :)
When I have a chance, I'll send more details via email.