Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I'm having trouble uploading the rest of the pictures, but I'll keep trying throughout the day.

Even though we've been married three years and together for almost five, this is our first year of pumpkin carving. We were going to have trick-or-treaters vote on their favorite (like friends of our do) but we decided to count this year as practice. We'll do better next year. :)

This is Brandon's pumpkin:

My pumpkin:

These are the ones I carved for Anna. They aren't really carved, but etched. It was much harder than I expected and I ended up stabbing myself a few times with the plastic scraper on the end of my potato peeler. Next year, I need better tools!

Here is our pumkin family:

And just for fun, our neighbor's tree on the corner. (I love fall!)

More to come, hopefully! Check back later...

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