Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Where Have We Been? (Part 2)

The Indiana State Fair

The next photo is of the World's Largest Boot (RedWing brand). I was surprised by the random attractions they had at the fair. I guess you can chalk it up to mid-west amusement.

This goat was very friendly.

What you can't see in this picture is Anna freaking out. The more interested the goat was in her, the more she disliked him!

Happy Birthday (again)!

This is my less than perfect attempt at making a mini cake for Anna to dig into:

Cincinnati, OH

We took a day trip to Cincinnati, OH to visit--you guessed it--Bass Pro Shops. (Those of you who know Brandon know what an important trip this was. Those of you who know me can guess how excited about it I was.) Luckily, it was part of a HUGE mall, so we were able to have a good time. :) On one end there was an amusement park/game room where Brandon took Anna on a little ride. (She wasn't big enough to ride by herself.)

The previous picture doesn't give a good idea of the scope of the ride, so I've included the following:

Bless his heart, Brandon barely fit in the seat and their car was the last to rise to the proper height. At one point, I wasn't even sure they were going to make it up! Obviously, it was not a ride made for adults, but someone had to ride with Anna, and I certainly got a good laugh. Poor Brandon, I think he was limping all the way to the car--something about his lower body being shoved into a space made for a child???

Ahoy, mateys!

Brandon had to dress up as a pirate for a Ladies Golf event at the club. I told him he had to save it for Halloween b/c I worked too hard on it!

We destroyed a perfectly good pair of pants!

Indiana Alien

This nasty little critter was just hanging out on our deck by the door. These things just creep me out because their heads can move much like ours, and if you get close enough, it will turn towards you and stare you down like it's sizing you up. Adding to their creepiness, their heads are shaped like the traditional alien head with the big eyes and everything. God has a bizarre imagination.


On another little trek out of the city we got to drive through a lot of rural Indiana. At one point Brandon turned to me and emphatically said, "This is America!" (I do have to admit that some of the scenery was, indeed, beautiful.)

Our Little Joyrider

Our little girl LOVES to ride her tricycle! Her legs aren't quite long enough to reach the pedals yet, but she enjoys being pushed around the driveway.

Here's one last pic:

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