Thursday, April 24, 2008

Anna Tidbits

Just a couple little things about our growing girl...

She likes to use the word "too." ("Ernie...Bert, too." "Anna upstairs, too." "Burger...fries...milk, too.")

She can now put her sneakers on by herself. Mostly on the right feet, too. (Is "too" contagious?) And sometimes over the feet of her pajamas.

We are thinking about potty training. Every time she sees the potty box (potty is still inside) she says it's her "own potty."

She loves to boss the dog around. We often hear her yelling, "Spike, NO!"

Now for the pictures! These were taken about two weeks ago--my second day with my 50 mm lense. Everything is much more green now--what a difference two short weeks make!

1 comment:

Stacy said...

While I love the expression on her face in the first photo, the one where she's looking through the slats is my favorite!!!! :-)