Friday, April 18, 2008


Yes, we had an earthquake early this morning! It was not technically my first one (I'll tell the table story another time), but definitely the first one I can remember. It woke both me and Brandon up, but Anna slept through it.

My first impression was that it was an earthquake, but I had never heard of earthquakes here, so I moved on to my second theory: the government was testing planes. (They do some of that around here.) I also had a third and fourth theory, just in case my first two didn't pan out, but I won't share those. I'll just say they possibly involved aliens and the end of the world. It lasted about 15 or 20 seconds in all, but it felt like much longer, waiting for the last little tremors to stop, listening for the last little creak of the house.

Eventually we got back to sleep and upon waking this morning, found out that it was, indeed, an earthquake, centered in Illinois (probably a good two hours away from here, at least). They said it was a 5.2, and that because of the kind of soil in this part of the country, it was felt all the way to Ohio and Wisconsin. Our friends, J. and E., actually felt it outside of Atlanta! If it had been a 7, it would have been felt all the way to Boston (so they said)!

If we hadn't woken up, we would never have known anything was different. But now Anna has a fun story to tell when she's older (much like my table story) about the earthquake she doesn't remember.

Read the offical story here. By the way, we had an aftershock (4.0, I heard) sometime around 11am, but I didn't feel it.


Jana Swartwood said...

Wow! Of course, it's always possible that aliens caused the earthquake in preparation for the end of the world...but we don't know it yet!

Christie Breland said...

Yeah, anyone that's seen War of the Worlds has to wonder, at least for half a second in the middle of the night when you've been shaken awake and you're still mostly asleep. Of course, I do have a rather active imagination...