Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Odds N Ends

Reading Update
I am liking The Poisonwood Bible much more now that I have spent some time with it. The first chapter/small section really through me off (what a weird way to start), but now I am totally involved with the family. Maybe too involved.

I know this is one of Faydra's favorite books, but I don't know why. Anyone else out there like this book? I would love to hear some differeing opinions in preparation for next Monday's book club meeting.

I know absolutely nothing about gardening. In fact, if I had to catagorize myself as a gardener, I would have a black thumb. Seriously. The only thing I was able to keep alive was a small houseplant I had in college, and even that bit the dust after a while. Several years ago, someone was kind enough to give me an orchid (for Mother's Day, if I remember correctly) and I tried so hard...but killed it anyway.

So why in the world do I think I can plant a bunch of flowers sucessfully? And not just the ready-made annuals you simply take out of the pot and stick in the ground. No, I bought seeds. Because they were cheap. And because, apparently, I have an inexhaustible hope in my gardening skills.

However, the weather isn't cooperating. When I finally get them planted, I'll post an update here. If they actually grow.

Anna's Playdate
Yesterday, our friends Jenny and T. came over to play. The kids had a great time running around and playing outside. Unfortunately, I was too into the yummy coffee Jenny brought to take pictures. (Thank you, Jenny!) But, here are some pictures from a couple weeks ago of the two of them. (Jenny likened them to prom pictures!) I'm sure the last one would be Brandon's favorite, if he ever saw these pictures. I know all you dads of girls will understand!

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Jenny said...

Could they be any cuter?! This last photo certainly shows who wears the pants in this relationship - ha!

-Jenny :)