Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. I finally got around to hanging some pictures in our front room/play room/living room/whatever you want to call it.

2. Brandon mowed the grass yesterday, and this morning all kinds of cute little birdies are hopping around eating worms. At least, I assume they're eating worms. Maybe they were there the whole time, but I just couldn't see them because the grass was so high. Speaking of which, we still have a rather large swath of grass that remains at it's African plains height because we don't have a weed wacker. Anyone have one laying around they'd like to donate to the cause of keeping our neighbords from hating us?

3. Anna's newest word is 'coffee.' Wonder where she heard that one?!? *wink*

4. She also loves to say, "No, Mommy, no!" Depending on the situation and tone of voice, it can be cute or completely horrible. I guess she's still learning that mama is always in charge.

5. She now requests certain diapers. For instance, "Ernie diaper, please," or "Cookie diaper!" She also insist on getting a kiss from the characters before I can diaper her cute little bottom. In fact, she likes to get kisses from everything--even her blankie. She even gives the blankie a turn at talking on the phone. Go figure.

6. I'm currently reading The Poisonwood Bible. I've only read the first few small chapters. Please, someone tell me it gets better. It just hasn't grabbed me yet.

7. Now that golf season is in full swing (no pun intended), Brandon doesn't get to spend much time with Anna. In her case, it's true that absence makes the heart grow fonder. She is always excited about going outside with daddy to "slide" and "hit golf balls." I'm not kidding--she really does say this.

8. I'm trying to get a little side business going--selling personalized note pads. They really are super cute, with a ribbon at the top and everything, but I'm kind of stuck. I just don't know the best way to go about selling them. Anyone have any suggestions?

9. Mother's Day is next Sunday. (Just a hint for those of you who don't keep track of these things.) Here is my conversation with my husband last night after he saw a Mother's Day commercial on TV:

B: I need to get a card for my mom.

Me: Already taken care of.

B: Oh. Well, I need to sign it.

Me: You already did.

B: ... Oh.

(Sorry, Janet, for the spoiler.) :) I suppose he also doesn't remember all the other cards I had him sign--like the birthday cards for his Momo (grandma) and his dad. In all honesty, I will be lucky if I get a Mother's Day card. Usually by the time he goes to buy one, they are all pretty much gone! :) Wives...our job is so much more than our husbands realize!

10. My dog smells. More so than the usual nasty dog smell. And I don't know why--I think it's his breath. But sometimes it is almost more than I can bear. If we had a fenced in yard, I would kick him out of the house. What can I do? Do they make doggie breath mints? Doggy gum? Doggy Binaca?

OK, now just for the grandparents two pictures from yesterday. Not the greatest quality, but I know you're not picky!


Faydra said...

from #4 "I guess she's still learning that mama is always in charge."
I think she'll be learning that till she's out of the house!

And I LOVED Poisonwood Bible (but you already knew that)

Anonymous said...

Hi Christie! Try putting your notepads on etsy.com It's a site specifically for small business stay-at-home moms.

I check in on you here often! Anna is so cute! Feel free to visit me at masterfamily.wordpress.com

Christie said...

Carolyn! Thanks for visiting--it's good to hear from you! I added a link to your blog in the sidebar. And thanks for the tip about etsy; it looks like a great possibility.