Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1) My lovely Mothers Day flowers, which are now dead. I would have included a picture of the dead flowers, but I already threw them away. Who wants to look at dead flowers, anyway? Obviously not me. And probably not you, either.

2) We are going to Florida! Yipee! I (we) can't wait to see everyone.

3) I'm actually typing this on Monday evening (but setting it to post on Tuesday), and I haven't begun packing. This is not unusual. I still have a couple loads of laundry and some cleaning to do. I always do my best work under pressure.

4) I just heard about this amazing grafiti artist named Banksy. Perhaps you've already heard of him and I'm just terribly uninformed. If you haven't heard of him or haven't seen any of his work, you should look him up; there are plenty of photos of his work on his website and the internet. (And yes, I am too lazy to find the links and insert them for you.) The amazing thing about him is that no one knows who he is. Much of his work is socially or politically motivated, not to mention illegal (uh, grafiti) so I imagine he'll continue to keep his identity a secret.

5) It has been unseasonably cold here. And by cold I mean in the 60s. After a long, long winter, it feels pretty good, but I'm looking forward to the really warm days where we can go outside without long sleves or a sweater. Or even run in the sprinklers. What I really mean is that Anna will run in the sprinklers and I will watch.

6) Here is a photo of one of the adorable bunnies that have been in our yard eating all the dandelions. (Thanks, bunnies!) I'm not sure if they are technically rabbits or hares or jackrabbits... Someone help me out!

7) By the way, did anyone notice how tall the grass is in the bunny picture? I'm surprised we haven't gotten a notice from the homeowners association or a knock on the door from an irate neighbor. Maybe we should live out in the country where people appreciate nature in it's...natural state. (Don't tell Brandon I said that--he would jump on it and move me out to the boonies!)

8) I have been talking to my friend's hubby about selling my nature photos on his wonderful website, HelpingGifts.com. Basically, with every purchase, you are also donating a percentage of your purchase amount to a charity of your choice. My photos aren't there yet (maybe in June), but there are a lot of neat things to check out.

9) I'm also working on getting some of my cute notepads on Etsy. Again, maybe next month, since we'll be gone the rest of May.

10) When I finally get all my ducks in a row on those two projects, you'll be able to find a link to both places in my sidebar. Until then, there are lots of other fun things to see in the sidebar and other fun websites to look at. Hopefully that will keep you entertained until I post again. (It may be a while since we'll be in Florida!)


Rick & Jill said...

C, your camera rocks. What kind are you using? Call when you are in FL, we'd love to see you!!!

Christie said...

I use a Nikon D80. The photo of the flowers was taken with a 50mm lense and the bunny was with a 17-?mm zoom. (I think. I don't remember if I had changed lenses or not.)

Having a professional camera has made all the difference in my photos. Originally I got it so I wouldn't be missing any pictures of Anna (shutter lag--kids move so fast!), but it has ended up becoming a very enjoyable hobby and now possibly part-time job.

Tom and Jamie said...

we have the same camera and I love it!!

pearlsandchocolate.com said...

Great blog! Your daughter is darling and I love her name!