Monday, May 26, 2008

My new best excuse, I mean REASON

In the 5 (almost 6) days that we've been in Florida, I have only a handful of photos. Why, you ask? Because of my own stupidity.

I simply forgot to charge my camera battery before we left. I have decided to blame it on extreme lack of sleep--did I mention that I was picking Brandon up at the airport the night before we flew out? I was, and his flight was delayed and didn't arrive until almost 1 am. I am also blaming exhaustion for all the other items I forgot to pack. Most of those have been easily replaceable. But my camera battery? Not so much.

We went to a nation-wide chain camera store (which shall remain nameless) today to buy me another battery. I thought this would be the remedy for all my problems. After hearing my brief story, they even offered to charge the new battery for me while we got some lunch. When we went back to pick it up, it wasn't done charging, so the guy decided to put it in one of their display cameras to see how full it was. Thank God for that, because when he went to put the battery in the camera IT DIDN'T FIT!!! Of course, he was completely bamboozled by this and kept staring at it, as if his confused look could change the laws of physics and alter the mass of the battery. Needless to say, I got my money back, but no battery.

Next time around, I'm wising up. No, I don't mean writing out a list of things to pack or do before I leave, although that sounds like a logical thing to do. But those of you who know me know that I like to fly by the seat of my pants. I'm actually talking about visiting a different (and closer) store tomorrow and asking them to charge my battery for me. Why didn't I think of that in the first place? Lack of sleep, I tell you!


Stacy said...

Or even better, why didn't you call your friend in Florida who has the SAME CAMERA and 2 Spare Batteries as well as a charger you could've borrowed for your whole trip...... you must be really tired LOL!

See you soon!!!


Tom and Jamie said...

I think we have the same camera too and a charger!

Christie said...

Thanks, girls, for the kind offers. :)

I have been really tired. And I just forgot about the camera battery being low b/c Anna was sick the first few days we were in town, so I wasn't taking pictures anyway. (Thus the additional lack of sleep. Sleeping with a sick toddler one night and sitting up with her the next is the same as not sleeping at all!) Then, I got to my parents' house (all the way in Ft Myers) and remembered that I forgot to charge the battery. By that time, it was definitley too late to ask any favors. Especially favors that would have included driving half way across the state!

See you guys soon!