Sunday, June 29, 2008

Just being me. Unfortunately.

WARNING: This post contains images you may find disturbing (I certainly do!), especially if you have an aversion to seeing blood and/or injuries.

Those of you who know me know that I can sometimes be a bit clumsy. OK, maybe "a bit clumsy" is a bit of an understatement. Most of the time my clumsiness results in a small scratch or a few minor bruises. Unfortunately, last night was not one of those times.

It's really been quite a week--a week of injuries that started on Monday and culminated in last night's...well, it was a doozy. One of those silent-cry-with-your-mouth-wide-open kind of accidents. I honestly don't know it I've ever hurt so much in my entire life, even when I fell down the cafeteria stairs in college (don't ask) or when I gave birth. I'll leave out the boring details of how it happened (the accident, not the birth) and just tell you that it involved a flip-flop, a baby gate (the second gate of the week), and a kitchen drawer.

When we decided that my arm wasn't broken and I wasn't going to die (because I surely thought I might); when I finally stopped sobbing long enough to talk, I told Brandon to go get my camera. I figured that I should try to make the best of my suffering, and that means sharing my suffering with you! (You can thank me later.)

Here's the gash on my arm. If you look closely you can also see some scratches/bruising on my forearm and upper arm, although I didn't even notice them because of the searing pain radiating from around my elbow. I can definitely feel them today, though.

This angle gives you a better look at the swelling (after icing it for a while). Brandon kept saying that he'd never seen a bump so big, which just served to scare the crap out of me and make me cry harder.

I wouldn't want to neglect documenting the damage my arm did to the drawer handle in the kitchen. I've never liked this hardware, and now I like it even less, if that's at all possible. Here is what the other drawer looks like--the one I didn't fall on.

And here's the one I wrecked. Or, rather, the one that wrecked my arm.


Anonymous said...

I am soooo sorry for my daughter, but as I told her Mom, "she hasn't always been the most ballerina type person... like Mother like daughter."

And besides, "ballerina's, don't trip on flip flops.

Love you honey!

Jana Swartwood said...

I am so sorry!!! Your story reminds me of when I tripped in an apartment parking lot years ago and "didn't" break my arm (as per the winner of the argument between the two doctors who disagreed about the matter in the hallway outside the examination room).

Lots of ice. Even though it makes your arm painfully cold. It's the best way.

Susie Harris said...

You poor thing... It is funny that you wanted a picture of it.. I do the same thing. We cant start a day without me wanting a picture of it. I hope you feel better today but I bet you will be so sore. Take care of yourself and be careful! Susie H~

Faydra said...

I'm usually the clutz in our house too but we have two big scratches in our wall thanks to a Kevin and the baby gate incident where the baby gate won. (Sorry about your arm.)