Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Flashback

I got the idea of Flashback Friday from Carolyn, who, on Friday, posts old pictures of herself, her hubby, and her family.

One year ago, to the day:

Does it look familiar? Notice the rear-facing car seat, the short hair, the super-chubby thighs. My girl is growing up!

What would really be funny is if I pulled those clothes out of the storage bin, dressed her in them today, and took another picture. You know, just to see how much she's grown. Obviously, the shoes wouldn't fit (then: size 4, now: size 7), but I could probably get the t-shirt on. Probably not the shorts, though. Or the hair bow, at least not without inflicting pain or causing some sort of brain damage. Of course, I have much more important things to do with my time than dig out storage bins and dress my child in clothes that are too small for her. Like...umm...trying to actually think of something more important. Where are those storage bins anyway?

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Anonymous said...

You go, girl! Yeah! Flashback Friday rocks!