Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday Fun

What a fun day we've had! This morning we took in two community events--all for under $20! (As one of my favorite bloggers likes to say, we are "on the dime." I hope I've used the expression correctly. If not, I'm sure some of my southern relatives can correct me!)

Our first stop this morning was at our neighborhood high school for a rummage sale/car wash to benefit their band. As a former music teacher, (and band geek--but don't tell my husband I admit it) I could not pass up this opportunity to support their musical endeavors. And for those of you worried I'm going to get on my soapbox, don't worry. I won't say anything about all the research that proves the benefits of music education. Or the ridiculous under-funding of music programs across the country. We found a few fun things to buy, got our car washed, and contributed to making our local high school students smarter and keeping them off the streets. (Does anyone really talk about keeping kids "off the streets" anymore? Is this just further proof that I'm getting old?)

Next, we went to the Strawberry Festival at the Presbyterian church down the road. It was not exactly what I was expecting (no fresh strawberries! gasp!), but we had a great time anyway. We had lunch while listening to an octet of (mostly) old men play some wonderful jazz standards. (In case you're wondering, they were good. My ears were not in the least offended.) After lunch, Anna got to play a few kiddie games and go down a giant inflatable slide. I only went down with her once, but let me tell you--that thing was steep! I'm glad she wanted to let one of the sweet teenagers working the ride take her--I might have tossed my cookies. (OK, not really, but one time was enough for me. Once again, proof that I'm getting old.) After eating some yummy (but not fresh) strawberry shortcake, Anna got her face painted. She was very excited about this, sure about the design she wanted, and sat very still (especially for her) while the lady painted her face. I don't have any pictures of us at the actual festival--it's just too much to try to keep track of her and take pictures, so I left it at home. Here's a picture of her showing off her face painting once we got home. Can you tell what it is? (Doesn't she look worn out?)

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