Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Still Breathing

Hi everyone! I'm still here. Not dead on the side of the road or in the hospital with amnesia. Our house has not been flooded or carried away by one of the charming midwest tornadoes that have been frequenting our area of the country. (Thank God!) Brandon has enjoyed our crazy weather, but he's a freak. He liked hurricanes, too.

Eventually I will get all the photos from our Florida trip edited and posted. Maybe I'll even get around to installing Photoshop and learning how to use it. And, of course, I know you are all awash in anticipation of the promised garden photos. You know, the garden that I'm trying to grow. We planted seeds last night, so in 10-20 days we should (hopefully) see something growing.

So stay tuned...more to come!

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Jana Swartwood said...

I decided years ago that Photoshop was the first computer program I had ever encoutered that was definitely smarter than me. :)

It's a lot of fun--don't get me wrong. But it's worth it to take a class to learn what it really can do, if you ever get the chance.

Glad you're ok from the storms. Sure seems like a lot of people in a lot of states got hit really badly.