Thursday, July 17, 2008

Beautiful Indiana

Doesn't this look like a canvas background? You know, like one you'd find back in the 80's at Olan Mills? I love it and and it's 100% real--real trees, real sidewalk, real light, real girl.

The landscape on the golf course is absolutely beautiful and completely typical of the kind of view you have here in Indiana. Summer really is a wonderful time. Everything is lush and green and rich looking. Even the weeds are beautiful and flowering. Seriously, there are flowers on the side of almost every road and they are totally uncultivated.

Anna loves going to the golf course with her daddy to "hit goff galls." He hits them and she picks them up off the green when he's trying to putt.

While this photo isn't the best quality (I'm not entirely happy with the way the light is hitting her face), I couldn't pass up sharing it because of the amazing blue color of the sky. I think it's the perfect compliment to her outfit.

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