Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Flashack: Friend Edition

I thought it would be fitting to post these photos today, since my BFF is going to be here to visit this coming week!

This is Mandy and me about two years ago. Brandon took this picture of the two of us right before we took our last trip to the mall without strollers, diaper bags, or babies. Boy, did we get a lot of looks--two VERY pregnant ladies must be a sight to behold! I think we were both 38 or 39 weeks.

And here are our beautiful girls almost two years later! It goes without saying that they would be girlfriends, since their mommies are such good friends!

I took these photos at Playmobile (in Florida), thus the bright backgrounds. I was going to convert them to black and white, but I just love bright colors!

Notice the difference between the girls. Anna's skin is pasty white (from being stuck indoors all winter) while E. had a beautiful tan.

The trials of living "up north!" We sure do miss Florida!

We can't wait to see you girls next week!!!


Anonymous said...

What a couple of sweet little girls!

Somebodies Grandpa....

Faydra said...

How fun for you that Mandy is coming. Tell her I say "hi"