Monday, July 14, 2008

Mama Monday (Mini-edition): Traveling with Kiddos

This will be the short version because I have to leave for work in a few.

I haven't contributed to Mama Monday in a while because I haven't had any experience with the most recent topics. Travel, however, is something we have done quite often. Anna has been on numerous plane trips between Florida and Indiana.


1. Anna has always sat on my lap. Mostly because we can't afford to fork out the money for an extra seat. I'm all about being friendly with the flight attendants and asking them as soon as I get on the plane if the flight is full, and if not, can I please be moved to a row that has an extra empty seat or two. The worst they can say is no and in my experience they rarely do.

2. Recently, I took the laptop so she could watch movies. It didn't work so great b/c it's loud on the airplane and laptop speakers just dont' cut it. Probably won't do that again.

3. Snacks. I take lots of them, for both of us. I try to limit her drinks to take-off and landing, just so I can avoid the diaper change in the teeny bathroom. And, I use overnight diapers just in case. Once you've had the leaky diaper on the plane, you'll understand.

4. Now that she's into coloring, I bought one of those packs that have the "magic" marker that won't write on anything but the special paper. On our last trip I think I may have been more excited about it than she was. But it kept her occupied.


1. Lots of stops to stretch little legs. We ususally pack a cooler of food and pinic along the way.

2. We cannot do without the DVD player. This literally kept us sane when we drove to Atlanta. Nothing like a little mindless entertainment.

That's all I've got time for!

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erin said...

SO glad you're participating this week Christie! These are all great tips...I'm all about being kind to the flight attendants too.

We bought Sarah the same markers when we flew to Hawaii and I think she had more fun taking the lids on and off then actually coloring! =)

I'll update my buddy posts in a bit. Thanks again!