Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

OK, I know I promised more photos from the golf course today, but I forgot that it's Tuesday! And I actually have ten to share today. There will definitely be pictures tomorrow and Thursday. This time I promise AND pinky swear!

1. We've been to the Indianappolis Zoo twice this week, thanks to our brand spankin' new family membership! (Thanks Granna and BB!) I will post more pictures of our visits in the future.

2. Anna's current favorite animals to see are the lions, zebras, goats, and dolohins. She absolutely does NOT want to see the lemurs, but I have yet to unravel her reasoning.

3. Anna continues to love Enchanted. Her latest entertainment is dancing with one of her stuffed animals (spinning in circles) and singing the song "How Do You Know." She talks about the princess singing this song at least three times a day.

4. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem that she's developed her musical ear just yet. Does anyone know when children are supposed to be able to match pitch? Elementary music teacher, I am not.

5. I am, however, excited about my first "professional" photography job. And that I'm getting paid for it. For the next two Tuesdays, I'll be taking portraits of junior golfers at the course where Brandon works. I'll post a couple examples after I see how it goes.

6. I'm also taking some photos of my friend's little girl on Thursday. She's 3 months and I'm looking forward to getting some adorable pictures. I wish I had been into photography when Anna was that age. I like the photos we got of her (from a studio photographer), but I think I could have done so much better.

7. I'm working on a little decorating project inspired by The Nester, but I've come to an impass. Actually, it first stalled out due to my injury (I feel better calling it that rather than accident), but now I'm stuck by something absolutely ridiculous: I don't know how to get the mollies (wall anchors) into the wall. I don't think you can just hammer them in without causing damage. I'll probably be calling Janet (my mother-in-law and decorating guru) to help with this. I really hope I don't need a drill. Brandon will never let me use his.

8. Speaking of decorating projects, there are two items I would love to acquire: a staple gun and a glue gun. You can do so much with these two things.

9. Earlier this month, Anna and I explored the Skyles Test trail along Fall Creek. Basically, it's a nature walk/exercise trail that runs through the city. Well, not downtown, but still around the city and right by the freeway. You wouldn't know it because it is completely wooded and beautiful. We would have spent more time there, but I was a little uneasy traipsing through the forest alone when it was just the two of us. (I know what can happen when you're alone in the forest from all the fairy tales we've read!) We even saw a deer and a rabbit, but I wasn't fast enough with the camera to get photos. I did get some pretty flowers.

10. Well, I found another one of those disgusting bugs in the house yesterday morning. You know, the one I mentioned last week. Since this was #3 that I've spotted, I decided to do my research online. Turns out, it is a house centipede (YUCK!), commonly found in older homes (which we have) where it feeds on flies, spiders, and the like. It is not harmful to people, but I still cannot tell you how totally grossed out I am about this. That's the reason I haven't included a picture of it, because, honestly, I think it would scare away everyone who reads my blog. Seriously. At least this time, I didn't scream, but handled it all very calmly. With a few shudders, but that's not important. Recommended method of "control" (I would prefer to call it "death" but that's just me): vacuuming (As if I would! We have a bagless vacuum and I am not about to even think about it crawling out on me while I empty it!) or sticky traps. Without a doubt, I'm going for the sticky traps.


Becky Davis said...

To get the anchors into the wall, you will need to drill a small hole (smaller than the anchor itself) into the wall, and then hammer the anchor into the wall. Your screw will go right into the anchor. Hopefully you won't have the problem that I had when hanging the medicine cabinet. One of my anchors broke when I was drilling the screw into place. Let me tell you how difficult and frustrating it was to get that broken anchor out of the wall!

Christie said...

Hey Beck! Great pic!

Do you think it would work if I just screwed the screws (that came with the anchors) into the wall first and then removed them and tapped the mollies in? I don't even want to think about using Brandon's drill! :)

Becky Davis said...

No, it won't work that way. It will make the hole in the wall too big. I'm afraid you are going to need to use a drill and a drill bit (probably one size smaller than your anchor)to drill a hole into the wall. If it's drywall, there is no way you can hurt the drill. I would also use the drill to screw the screws into the anchor. It would be really difficult if you just use a manual screwdriver. You could just go buy your own cordless drill and then not let Brandon use yours. :) My drill comes in handy quite often--it was a Christmas gift a few years ago.

Good luck!!!