Tuesday, July 29, 2008


As I begin writing this, it is very nearly Tuesday. I'm sure it will be Tuesday by the time I finish.

Since we had such a busy weekend, I didn't have time to be organized and think through my posts for this week, so it will probably be slim pickin's for the rest of the week. Especially since my grandparents are cruising into town tomorrow for an impromptu visit and I still have to ready the house for guests. Yes, I did do a lot of cleaning this weekend, but there is still more to do. And keeping up with the dog hair is a daily thing. If I didn't love that dog so much I'd get rid of him. If we had a fence, I might make him stay outside a lot.

On a positive note, I did finish editing the junior golf photos yesterday (yup, it's Tuesday already) so that's one thing crossed off my endless list. Now I can add "send them to the lab for printing" to my list.

I think I'm crazy. I have to be, because despite the endless amount of cleaning I have left to do, I am still sticking to my original plan to take Anna to her first movie theater movie today. The local theater is having free movies this summer and tomorrow they're showing the Veggie Tales movie about the pirates.

Off to bigger things (notice I didn't say better): cleaning up the kitchen and putting toys away. Yippee. Again, I'm sorry there are no photos of Anna. I'll try harder next week. If you think of it, say a prayer for me and my sanity. (That I'm laughing after I type that HAS to be a sign of my mental health!)

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