Friday, August 01, 2008

Friday Flashback

Tomorrow is my sweet girl's birthday. It's amazing to think that it's been two years since we took this picture. As I was looking at all the photos we took in the weeks after she was born, everything came rushing back--the newness of it all, the exhaustion, the feeling of holding that small thing in my arms (although she was never a lightweight), the constant thoughts that I wasn't "doing it right." If there was ever a perfectionist first-time mother, it was me.

So much changes in two years. She is such a little lady now. It makes me sad that in another two years she will be ready for pre-k. I know this is how it goes; as a parent, my job is to train and teach and then let her grow in independence, but I will miss my little constant companion.

When she was a baby, after those late night feedings, I would stop in front of the hallway mirror outside her room and try to take a mental snapshot: to remember the way she looked as I held her against my chest, sleeping; to remember the sounds of her sighing; the feel of her tiny body in my arms; her weight; her smell; the fullness of my heart. I still try to take those mental snapshots, but now of different things: the way her legs dangle when I hold her, the sound of her little voice, the funny things she says, her giggles, and still, the fullness of my heart.


anna's granna said...

Christie, I couldn't help but cry when I read your blog today!! You are such a wonderful mother!!!
I can't believe our precious little Anna Joy is already two years old!! She has brought more joy into our lives than we could ever have imagined!!
Please give her a great big birthday hug and kiss from Granna and BB!! With lots and lots of love!!!

Anonymous said...

Adorable! And your commentary was so thoughtful. She will love reading that when she is older!

Stephen and Kelly said...

I did the exact same thing with Kate, and now with Sam--just trying to take in every moment. Thanks for the beautiful reminder. Anna is one blessed little girl to have such a wonderful mom.