Friday, August 15, 2008

Bedtime Prayers

Anna: Dear God. Thank watch. (It's actually Brandon's watch, but we're not picky with prayers.)
Me: Is there anything else you want to thank God for?
Anna: Yes... Dear God. Help BB and Nanna boo-boo. (BB had surgery a few months ago. I'm pretty sure his boo-boo is better now, but Anna likes to remember it.)
Me: Anything else?
Anna: Uncle Mike!
Me: OK, you tell Him.
Anna: Dear God. Thank you Uncle Mike!
Me: Anything else?
Anna: Emma!
Me: Thank you God for Emma.
Anna: Dear God... Emma!
Me: Is there anything else?
Anna: Rabbit.
Me: You want to thank God for the rabbit in our yard?
Anna: (silence) Eeyore.
Me: Oh! Thank you God for Rabbit and Eeyore.
Anna: Anything else? (She's a little miss smarty-pants!)
Me: (laughing) Alright...anything else?
Anna: Mickey Mouse!
Me: (thinking I need to wrap this up before we get totally goofy--no pun intended!) What else?
Anna: Dear God. Thank you all those guys I put in bag. (talking about her toys that she put away)
Me: Amen!
Anna: Dear God. Amen!

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