Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. Friday's Flashback post has been updated with a photo from this weekend!

2. We had a GREAT time at Apple Works on Sunday. (Photos will be forthcoming--in my usual timing.) I think the Highlander Festival will be a tradition for as long as we live here. Anna enjoyed it much more this year than she did last year and was especially excited about the tractor ride and the train ride.

3. My big 3-oh was yesterday. Thanks for all the cards, calls, and posts on Facebook and MySpace. They made my day much happier.

4. My sweet husband made my day happier, too, by getting me Starbucks, flowers, cake, and a very sweet card. What a blessing he is!

5. My funniest gift: a box full of my favorite treat from my parents. (See #9)

6. Thanks to our sweet friend, Erin, Anna has a new play kitchen, which she loves.

7. Sorry for the wonky color--I forgot to adjust my WB.

8. Stacy is coming to visit this week! I am so excited about her visit and can't wait for all the fun we're sure to have. I'm sure we'll take at least 1,000 photos between the two of us!

9. I took no photos on my actual birthday. That's right--none. There is no permanent record of my 30th birthday. (And that's the way I want it--just kidding.)

10. We are in the process of painting our guest room. I'm not sure if I have a before photo, but I'll post an after photo regardless. Later, of course.

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